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FoxyUtils/Merge PDF (www.mergepdf.net)

FoxyUtils is an online service that allow tasks manipulating PDF files that typically would have to be done through fairly expensive software to be done instead though a web application absolutely free. While there are basically 4 services that FoxyUtils provides: I will focus today on the application that I recently found myself needed which was Merge PDF.

It of course as it’s name suggests, Merge PDF is online webapp that allows its users to combine multiple PDF files together in any desired order. Not only does this make for one less shareware on your desktop, it is as simple as can be.

Best of all the service is absolutely free of charge and is accessible right away, anytime, anywhere. To take advantage of this useful tool simply point your browser to www.mergepdf.net

Once there you will select “browse” button in the “step 1” box to select the PDF files that you’d like to combine. For example:

Then hold down the “crtl” button and click on the desired files in the order that you’d like them to appear in the combined document. Afterwhich click on the “open” button and you’ll see a download status box appear with the selected files

Then click on the “merge PDF” button where it indicates step 2. A box will appear alerting you that your merge was successful and instructing you to hit the “download” button and then “close” to go back.

You are given an option to “retain uploaded files” in case you want to further manipulate them. After you’re finished you may choose to simply “remove all files”.

I found this to be an awesome free tool but it does have a few limitations including:

What type of user may want to consider this option as opposed to a paid program?
If your work involves merging PDF files all the time, downloading a dedicated program might be a better option. However, if you only require occasional merging of PDF files or you are not always using the same computer, you might get the job done quicker with our service. And if you are just finishing a final report at the library, it can be handy to merge in the cover page without downloading any program. In addition, your computer will be cleaner, with one less software installed on your computer. I highly recommend this program to anyone!