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New CDC iPad App

Last week, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its first ever app designed specifically for the iPad.  The app, available for free from the iPad App Store, features nine major sections or tabs: Health Articles, Vital Signs, PCD Journal, Public Health Matters, MMWR, Newsroom, CDC Podcasts, Social Media and Image Library.

Health Articles features articles written on timely topics.  Today’s headlines include information on food safety at fairs and festivals and safe gardening techniques.  Right now, you can access ten articles from this tab which are also available on the CDC website.

Vital Signs is a monthly feature that offers data on public health issues.  The March issue covers health care-associated infections (HAIs).  Each issue covers the problem, who is at risk and what can be done and by whom, ranging from the federal government to a health care provider to an individual patient.

Preventing Chronic Disease (PCD) Journal is a peer-reviewed journal addressing the link between public policy, research and and public health. It doesn’t appear that you can access the entire archives of the journal through the app, but you can access the most recent articles.

Public Health Matters is a blog written by CDC employees who share their experiences on a variety of public health topics.   Currently, you’ll find blog articles on running, disaster movies, and floods in Thailand.

MMWR– In this tab you can access the latest articles published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.  The CDC provides access to previous issues on its website.

Newsroom– As the title of this tab implies, this is a running list of articles and/or press releases on the results of CDC research, reports and telebriefings.

CDC Podcasts – You can also access CDC podcasts on a variety of health topics.  Current offerings include sexual assault awareness month, the CDC nutrition report, and adult immunization.

Social Media – This tab hooks you up to the CDC’s various Facebook pages and twitter feeds.  You can point your Spanish speaking colleagues or patients to the CDC en Español Facebook page.

Image Library –The CDC has provided a limited number of images available through the iPad app.  You can see images of people doing yoga, gardening, a cutaneous pigmented lesion and more.  I don’t recommend the cutaneous pigmented lesion unless you’re just into that sort of thing.