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This blog is designed to share cool new tools from the library or found free (or cheap) on the web to help you get your work done.  Many of us at Lister Hill are sharing our expertise here.  Meet us:







Jill Deaver has been with Lister Hill Library since May 2013, and is the current library liaison to the School of Nursing.  Jill has the fortune of being married to a super techy husband who is forever surprising and bewildering her with some new gadget that will automate their home in one way or another to the point the she needs to ask him to turn her lamp on and off with his phone.

Valerie Gordon







Valerie S. Gordon, MLS, AHIP is an Associate Professor and serves as Head of Cataloging/Marketing & Staff Development Coordinator at Lister Hill Library. She is also serving as Liaison for the School of Optometry. Valerie has an interest in graphic design and work-life balance and the tools and technologies that help us live a happier, more productive life.

Pat Higginbottom is an Associate Professor and serves as Associate Director for Public Services.  After more than 20 years at LHL in a variety of positions, Pat is still interested in learning about new technology and how to keep it from taking over our lives.  She is also trying to keep up technologically with her teenaged twins.

Kay Hogan Smith, MLS, MPH, CHES is Professor/Community Services Librarian at UAB Lister Hill Library of the Health Sciences. She is a Distinguished Member of the MLA Academy of Health Information Professionals. She founded the Health InfoNet of Alabama consumer health information service in 1999 and continues to manage this statewide service to Alabama residents. Kay is also on the UAB Libraries Liaison Team to the School of Public Health. She received her Masters in Public Health in 2012 from the UAB School of Public Health.


bille boat







Billie Montey is an Office Services Specialist III managing a variety of things at LHL and with a variety of interests.  She has been at LHL more than 10 years and spends her free time cooking, gardening and taking classes at UAB.









Lee Vucovich has been in Alabama and at UAB Lister Hill Library for 11 years. She loves to experiment with new gadgets, apps and technologies, especially inexpensive ones that simplify or enrich her life. She is the Assistant Director for Reference Services and plans to include answers to technology questions we receive through chat and emails in her posts.




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