Bluefire Reader: Read library books on your iPad

The iPad is a convenient eBook reader.

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It’s portable, so you can carry your library with you. You can adjust font size and screen brightness for eye comfort and search the book for content. Images can be expanded and look stunning in color. A growing number of publishers are adding “enhanced content.”

Reading purchased books on the iPad is easy. Simply choose an appropriate app, based on the type of book you purchased (Kindle app for Amazon, Nook for Barnes and Noble, iBooks for Apple, Google Books for Google.) Library books, though,are “checked out” for a specific time period and then downloaded for offline viewing. When they are due, they no longer work on your iPad. Adobe DRM is the industry standard for this process, but Adobe Digital Editions and the iPad are not compatible. Bluefire Reader is a free app that allows you to check out and read ebooks from Lister Hill Library on your iPad. Here is how to use it:

1. If you don’t already have one, create an Adobe Account here.  Save your user name and password, as you will want to use it on any other devices you might read books/PDFs on, including books from the public library.

2. Download Bluefire Reader from the Apple App Store.  While setting up, you should authorize the account with your Adobe Account.

For publishers that offer the option to download and check out books (as the Ebsco Host ebook collection does), choose your book using your iPad.  To download, you may need to create a personal account or use your Blazer ID/password.  Follow screen prompts.







Once downloaded, you can choose to open in BlueFire Reader.  After downloading, read the book later by using the Bluefire reader app.






Many publishers (such as Springer and eBrary) offer the option to download individual chapters as PDFS.  There is no checkout required, but you may be asked to log into an account.  Follow screen prompts.  Once downloaded, you will be able enlarge images, print the PDF and to manage it with your other PDF documents.


Most public libraries use Overdrive software to loan audiobooks and ebooks for iPads and iPhones. It is simple to use as well.  The instructions provided for other readers (except the Kindle) generally work on UAB ebooks as well.

Jefferson County Library Cooperative: eBooks and Audiobooks  Overdrive Help

Shelby County Public Library System   eBooks and Audiobooks  Getting Started


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