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Do other people still use feed readers?  Readers are tools that allow you to add subscriptions to blogs or other web content so that the latest updates are collected in one place.  They are usually free and accessible via the web so that you can login and see your customized content from any device.  I have used a reader for many years to follow blogs I like and to cut back on email.  New items are collected in the reader and sit and wait so that I can check every day or once a week.  I follow about 50 total–I try to keep it to a manageable number and read–ok, scan–most all of them.  I started with Bloglines and when they were on the verge of death moved to Google Reader.  I also experimented with Netvibes in there somewhere but it didn’t click for me.  Here’s an overview of those two.

Bloglines–didn’t die after all.  Looks like it now has a local slant and I found some interesting new blogs to add to my list after looking at the Birmingham options.  I also added a couple from Seattle which I’ll be traveling to in May.  Many of the entries seem to be ads or sponsored links though which I found unappealing.

Google Reader–as you know from previous posts I am pretty comfortable letting Google rule my universe.  It is actually quite convenient to access Google Reader as I am always logged into Gmail anyway.  I had no problem importing my links from Bloglines and find the google-like interface clean and easy to use.  It has also been integrated with Google+ so I can create a circle of say, books I want to read, then share on G+ into that circle.  I haven’t adopted that practice yet, I usually just star things I want to keep and then search my stars for scones or whatever I’m looking for. Just FYI, I use Reader from Google on my android phone and feeddlerRSS on the iPad to read my feeds.

Most of the articles online about top feed readers are several years old–seems feed readers are NOT the hot new thing.  This article is interesting in how they define feed or RSS readers.

There are LOTS of other feed readers out there.  Let me know what you use in the comments.

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