Chrome, what is it?  It is a both web browser and it is an operating system.  The Chrome laptop has generated a lot of buzz lately but it is the browser that I want to talk about here.  Google Chrome is a web browser that bills itself as the fastest way to the web.  You can download this software for free and run it on either a PC or Mac.  It has been around for several years but I only recently became a convert.  Yes, it is fast and I like that but it is also simple and uncluttered.  When I have to open IE for something I’m always horrified by the number of tool bars and menu choices.  Just “out of the box” after a few uses Chrome presented my favorite websites upon opening in a convenient home page.  There is an option to import your bookmarks, but why would you want to?

Another favorite feature is the ability to search Google directly from the address bar.  No other box needed.  If you want to start to get fancy you can go to the Chrome Web Store and begin adding themes, apps and extensions.  Yeah, I really need another way to play Angry Birds.  Actually there are LOTS of cool, free tools available.  Many that I want to try out.  If there is interest I can do additional posts.  Let me know in the comments.

On the downside, some sites don’t work well with Chrome and some resources aren’t supported with this browser.  I’ve found that since I need so many things open at once though that I use Chrome for some things, Firefox for others and (sigh) even Internet Explorer for some.  Typically I will have all 3 open on my desktop at once.

Here are some reviews of Chrome if you’d like to read more:

Is Google taking over the world?  Yes, I use gmail, and Google+ and android and Google docs and Chrome.  But if it is the best thing going why avoid it?  I even like their marketing videos.


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