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Equally geared toward practitioners and researchers, the Joanna Briggs Institute Database might not seem very flashy, but it has a lot of muscle.

For anyone working on the front lines–nurse practitioners, registered nurses, nursing assistants–the JBI can help locate evidence-based information sheets and practice recommendations fast.  The details of the results can be skimmed and saved easily–maybe even by the time the next alarm goes off.


Looking up Recommended Practices is quick with the JBI database–look for JBI Database PDF to open the full document.


Publication type is clearly label under the title of the document. Clicking on JBI Database PDF will pull up the full document.

For nursing students the JBI database is definitely worth placing in your arsenal of databases among PubMed, CINAHL and Scopus.  For any assignment requiring an extensive search of the literature, focusing on EBP,  a JBI Evidence Summary can help jumpstart your literature search, or help fill in gaps after combing through PubMed & CINAHL.

You can simultaneously export multiple findings to EndNote from the results list.   You have the option to set up a personal account within JBI.  An account lets you save search history, organize and save findings into projects–keeping your research organized the way you want it.

JBI Content

These content types are clearly labeled under the the title of the publication–see the image above for an example. Searches can also be filtered for specific types–look for the Publication Type filter in the menu to the left.

Access off campus requires a Blazer ID & Password.