VIS 700 Journal Club: Associative Learning and Schizophrenia

My presentation to VIS 700 journal club on Wed 14 June 2011

VIS700 presentation 14 June 2011

Another link to the presentation:

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UAB Matlab site license FAQ

It looks like UAB will acquire a university wide site license for MATLAB and Simulink software. With the exception of the distributed computing server, this license will include all Mathworks Inc. products currently used at UAB. In addition, there will be several new toolboxes and blocksets included in the license.

The new Total Academic Headcount (TAH) license will make it easier for everyone in the UAB community to use MATLAB and other Mathworks products. Specifically, it will enable use of MATLAB on university owned machines for all faculty, staff and students.  Faculty and staff will also be entitled to install the software on personally owned computers.

More info below in a question and answer format (FAQ). Continue reading

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UAB Mathworks site license

As you may have heard, the UAB Mathworks Site License Working Group has recently been formed to facilitate acquisition of a University-wide site license for the widely-used Mathworks software, which includes Matlab and Simulink. We now need to finalize the product selection and would like for everyone concerned to have an opportunity to discuss the list of products that the license will include.

If you have any questions about the license or would like to discuss
the product selection, please contact me by skype or email.

A working list of the proposed products may be found at:

Further information about the site license may be found at:

skype: mbolding


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UAB coworking…

Now that the research archive is started and the matlab site license seems to be a done deal, it is time to think about the next thing that I think UAB needs. 🙂  I think UAB needs a coworking space. Coworking spaces are large rooms with big tables and comfy chairs office like spaces where multiple individuals can work at the same time. Continue reading

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8 tips for writing productivity

In the last post, I promised to write about the research repository pilot project and security. But right about now, as we enter the final stretch of the Fall semester, I find myself hitting the wall when it comes to writing, whether I’m working on a research paper, a grant application, or a course paper. Frankly, there are days when I’m not sure if I’m going to make it (i.e. get all this blasted stuff done). Continue reading

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Research Repository News

Last Thursday we gave a presentation on our Research Repository pilot project. The presentation was part of Open Access Week here at UAB. The Research Repository pilot project is a joint project between the Lister Hill Library and the Center for the Development of Functional Imaging in the School of Optometry. Continue reading

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